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Two-Way SMS

Email marketing is a long-drawn game, so we came up with a more efficient solution  
targeted to your current clients that goals for sales right before a campaign ends. 

Introducing The Two-Way SMS Survey

Don't miss out upselling to your current clients!


In today's competitive landscape, we believe that enhancing brand loyalty and recall is key to success.


This is the addition to your marketing toolkit.


No more long, form links and fear of scams

The fastest way to do relationship building! Foster a direct, short, and engaging conversation with your audience using your company sender ID.
A simple question under 160 characters with multiple choice answers that require only one letter to be texted back. Because who likes to read?

Get instant feedback in less than 24 hours with our set time limit for responses.

Instant gratification - goodbye raffle prizes!

People don't want a chance to win, they want TO win.

What sets this apart from different types of marketing is that they have to answer a question or survey to receive the prize, rather than it being blasted to all subscribers.

Let's tap into these human instincts by giving them what they want immediately - this can be a unique discount code from your store.


Hello, rapid sales!

Because the audience feel that they worked for this code, they are more likely to purchase within the given time frame. You can expect greater returns faster compared to campaigns that last months.


Targeted Insights

receive data as soon as a campaign ends

This can be in as early as 24 hours!
Gain valuable feedback to tailor your strategies. 


Done-For-You Service

we did the mastery for you

Let us handle all the campaign tasks so your team can focus their work efficiency.

brand recall.png

Keep You On Their Mind

make the most of your client database

Aside from quick sales, the goal is to boost brand loyalty and recall among hundreds of competition. 

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